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    I haven't posted here for a while because I've been awfully busy working on little personal projects. Mostly, these have been tools to make my life a bit easier, and I didn't really feel like posting about them. However, I spent yesterday thinking about the RPG Project. I've finally come to the conclusion that, whilst Love is a great engine, it doesn't really fit my needs.
    Lua, the language it uses, doesn't seem particularly friendly when it comes to OO programming. So, I decided to look around for another language to use. The three that I chose to look at were Java, Python, and C++. There are plenty of other languages, but these all have the bonus that I already know them to some degree.

 I've been busy.

    Python is quite fun to program with, but when looking around on the internet I read multiple times that it has speed issues once a project starts getting bigger.
    I didn't look up Java too much because I really don't enjoy using it, and I don't have an IDE for it installed right now. Not a big gripe, but that makes it my last resort.
    Finally, we have C++. I have mixed feelings about it. It's not too annoying to program with, unless you have to look something online, in which case you are assaulted with 15 different solutions that all have pros and cons that must be weighed. Overall, though, it seemed like a good idea since I needed a language that was good with OO programming. Right now, I've pretty much settled the case. I'm planning on switching from Love and Lua to SDL and C++. More to come as I work on that.

Also, I'll be posting an update about the planned structure, as well as where I want the project to go in general later.

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