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Good News, Bad News

The more time passes, the longer it seems to be before my next release of any sort. The latest issue is that I've decided to ditch GLUT in favor SFML, which seems to be more geared towards games. This means that I'll have to do quite a bit to all of my projects in order to get them up to date. There is a silver lining however: I can finally do sound and music! Also, I'll be able to not only do different window sizes, but also add a fullscreen mode! I'm pretty happy now.

Also, despite previous promises, I probably won't get much done on Chainsaw Deathrace done, if anything. This is because I've been informed that  my current sprint game's grade may hinge on whether or not it has 4-way networked multiplayer. *GULP*

Also, I figure I'll start posting screenshots from my sprint as well. Here's where my current one is right now:

The beginnings of a game

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