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Update: Editor Progress!

As you may have noticed if you checked recently, I've put the map editor on my projects page. I've been making great progress on it, too! I have layers working, although you can't select them yet. They can each have their own tileset as well. You can place and remove tiles on the active layer, and select which tile to use. Right now, my system is limited to one tileset per layer, but I may expand that eventually. Once I add autotiles, saving/loading, a rectangle tool, and bucket fill, I'll finally have a better map editor that the one I was developing back in the summer. It may seem like a lot to add, but most of it is quite easy. I hope to get that done over the course of the next two weeks.

Also, I've got another sprite. This was(as usual) from my last Game Tech game. 

I think it shows that I've made a bit of progress since winter. My shading still sucks, but I didn't ever really use dithering before. Now I use it fairly often, and I think it improves my sprites. Thoughts?

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