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Singularity: Progress and Goals

One of the biggest accomplishments of the past 3 weeks was completing version 0.1 of Singularity. It took a while, but I've gotten rid of most of the major bugs, leaving it in a stable, working state. Here's what I've added:
  1. Singularity also automatically checks for updates every once in a while, displaying a system notification when you have unread items
  2. Slight graphical improvements to the feed view
  3. Entries now display their author(if provided)
  4. Most feeds ought to be correctly parsed now, even the ones that are improperly formatted
One big issue remains, however. It takes an absurdly long time for Singularity to start up. This is because imports aren't done in a separate thread at the moment, and the program must wait until they're finished to continue. I have a solution in mind, but it's not showing up until the next version. I'm also planning on restructuring both the code and the interface for v0.2. In the meantime, though, it works well enough.

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