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In just about 3 weeks, this blog will hit a nice little milestone: a whole year of updates. Why I'm posting today, however, is for a slightly different matter. With my last post, the update count on this blog hit #53. This means that I officially posted, on average, more than once per week during this first year. This is pretty great news. My original goal was to try to get one post per week, so I'm quite happy to see that I succeeded nicely.

There's something else, too. After a tiny internal celebration at finally creating and maintaining a blog without it suddenly disappearing forever, I turned to Youtube to relax a bit, which I do just about every day. It was then that it struck me that my Youtube channel is in the same state of unuse and general disrepair that I had rescued this blog from, and that it was quite a shame. Since I've already begun to unravel my summer plans, I figured that I might as well try to start making content for my channel. I finally figured out how to properly capture internal audio, and found a decent bit of Linux recording software. As you've probably guessed, I intend to start uploading gameplay videos and progress updates of my games to Youtube. This doesn't mean that I'll post any less here(In fact, I'll probably post even more as a result), and that way, I can show off my games in a more engaging manner than screenshots. As my first new video, I plan on uploading a few minutes of Doomsday Darren Goes Fishing tonight, so that non-Linux users can see it while they wait for a port.

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