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Updates: Almost there, and another game jam

First off, I thought it'd be good to mention that the next version of Singularity is almost in working order. While there are a good few things left after getting it up and running, The end is very much in sight now. I think I may be done by the end of this week, in fact!

As the title may have alerted you, there is another game jam coming up that I plan to participate in. In one week, I'm going to participate in the new 7-Day Fishing Game Jam. I've never made a game about fishing before, and getting another game under my belt would be nice. I'll probably be posting most of my updates throughout the week in my thread, and I'll of course be putting up a development album on Google+ again. I've decided to reuse the character from A Wheelie Good Time here, and I'm finally giving him a name: Doomsday Darren.

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