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Meddling Kids! Get Off My Lawn!

I imagine most of you know I'm 18(although that's about to change), or wouldn't have much trouble finding out. Thanks to the power of social networking, it's pretty easy now to get at all kinds of info on someone. At the time of posting, however, only a select few people know that I own a cane. It's certainly not something that you might expect for someone of my age. Today, I will explain why I own such a thing, and how that relates to last week's lack of work.

To get straight to the point, something I rarely do, it's for medical reasons(Although I plan on getting a fancy cane-sword some day just for the hell of it). I suffer from some kind of juvenile spondyloarthropathy, which I gather is a fancy way of saying that I managed to get my hands on that sweet arthritis thing before everyone else

For rather obvious reasons, this is kind of a bad thing. The good news is that it doesn't affect my life as much as I would've expected before I got it. It only gets bad once or twice a year, and is otherwise just an occasional annoyance. The bad news is that when it gets bad, it gets really, really, bad. That's what the cane and meds are for. It makes me more or less useless at everything for a week or two, then disappears until next time. If that sounds mild, that's because of the protection I have now thanks to the aforementioned items. Back before we knew what it was, it could last months.

Anyway, that's why I haven't worked on AMAZE for about a week. Sorry! On that front, I managed to get a very simple cross-compile working, which seems promising. I've only just begun on the object handling code, which is based on the Entity-Component System, which seems to be used rather commonly and will prevent the zillion-class-files insanity that Doomsday Darren Goes Fishing had. Since it's my first time writing this, and I still don't entirely understand the concepts, it's taking a while to implement. However, that's probably the hardest part of the engine, and writing the rest should be pretty easy.

Lastly, now that I've been using Singularity alone for a while I'm ready to implement some upgrades and fixes. I don't think they'll spill over past Sunday, so AMAZE development should resume on Monday. 

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