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4k Retrospective: Part 4

This is part 4 of a series where I reread all of my old posts and write about them. View part 1 here.
I meant to post part 3 yesterday, so here's another part!

Oh, there's another update post. I knew they'd be back. The Linux version of Chainsaw Deathrace obviously never got released. I think I have a working Linux build somewhere, but at this point it's so much worse than everything else that I'm just going to wait until I eventually release v2.0.

I only used SFML for two projects before moving on. It's not too bad, but it feels like there's much better stuff out there. As for the multiplayer, I managed to get everything in order without the networking. That was quite a relief!

Wow, did I really (sort of)reveal #7's name? I'm still not planning on saying any more, except that it's in the same state as the old RPG. I also mentioned putting up a demo of AMAZE, and I really should've done that. At this point, the new version doesn't yet have enough content for that, but I might reconsider later on.

  • Back to Business [DELETED]
This is a pretty boring little update post. One thing that I can talk about a little is my friend Peter Orzell. As I've mentioned before, we're roommates and he composes all of the music in my games. Someday, I might become competent to make my own music, but for now it's up to him. If you want to hear more stuff that he's made, head over to his Soundcloud page.

  • Finished! [DELETED]
How odd. Another jam with almost nothing written down, even at the end. I always feel like I've written a ton, but that may not be the case. Again, this is a tiny post with little more than a link to the game, so I'm deleting it. A Wheelie Good Time may be the best jam game I've made so far. It feels the most complete, in my opinion.

In order to ensure that I got design work done on Chainsaw Deathrace, I decided to post about the design as I came up with it. It was a short-lived series, but I still like it. From a design perspective, I still really like Chainsaw Deathrace because it gives me an opportunity to come up with weird balances of good and bad. The characters are the most extreme part of this. Once in a while, I find myself thinking up of all kinds of crazy new ideas for it. For instance, I considered adding the ability to find new limbs which wouldn't correspond with what you'd lost. This could bring a whole new set of weird advantages/disadvantages.

I'm not entirely sure if I like this idea still. it's pretty cool, but I might rethink how I go about it later. It's tough to say.

Y'know, it's a shame that I couldn't keep up with the 2 sprites per month idea. normally, I make far more than that but just don't think to post any. Space Douchebag has 15 art assets alone, and I haven't even finished the first level! Also, a quick bit of head math tells me that I'm getting more views on average per month now than back when I wrote this, so that's pretty sweet!

What an overly dramatic title! Granted, I was not having a very good Christmas break on account of my lack of both work and drive. Anyways, nowadays I could fix a horrible OS-breaking issue like that in a couple of hours. It's amazing what running an unstable OS on your primary computer will teach you. I also mention trying out running Windows in a VM. What a splendid idea!

OK, maybe it wasn't a splendid idea. It seemed good at the time, I'd just forgotten about the whole 'Needing maximum resources for my Windows installs' sole purpose' thing. So yeah, don't run your gaming OS in a VM. That's just silly. Oh, and spoilers: I've reinstalled my OS countless times since that post. I'm just good enough at it now that it hardly loses me any time at all.

I've gotten pretty far now, but there's plenty more to go. I really like how these posts go perfectly to the end of the year. The next part is here.

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