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4k Retrospective: Part 7

This is part 7 of a series where I reread all of my old posts and write about them. View part 1 here.

Now, we're approaching the actual summer posts. There will be one more post after this, and then I'm going back to my old schedule.

So, it was certainly nice seeing a milestone like that. Not only had I managed to keep a blog running for a year, I even managed to beat my goal. Maybe next year I can make a post called '159' or something.

I realize that this footage that I promised is still not up. The main difficulty is getting a decent recording. I have a video of A Wheely Good Time on my hard drive, but it has a couple of nasty skips in it. Unfortunately, that may be as good quality as I'll get on my laptop. Depending on how a Diamond Rush! recording goes, I may just have to upload them like that.

Aargh, GLUT is terrible. I'm not sure what made me think to use it for the jam. Anyway, now that I've been using Vim+Make for a while I no longer have any issues without an IDE. I still need to make AMAZE cross-compile to Windows though.

Aaaaaand there goes the projects page. I might consider making a new one at some point, but I'm not sure when. Singularity's been working pretty well(except for one heart-stopping few days where importing broke), and v2.0 can only bring improvements design-wise. 

Arthritis sucks, but I've learned to deal with it. This was just an unusually bad bout of it. As for ECS, actually finding decent information was pretty hard. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what ECS actually is, so there are many conflicting answers. I got it straight eventually, though.

This summer had awful weather. It was always 80s-90s with massive humidity levels. Without any form of AC, I could hardly even run my laptop. I can also think of another reason not to use SFML. Being a C++ library, it has some easier bits of syntax, but it's also incompatible with C. That's a downer.

I recently found a Gimp plugin that makes sprite sheets automatically in the same way that I'd been doing by hand. I feel a bit dumb now. Still, having my own asset types is pretty neat.

Idea #2 would be so much fun, in my opinion. However, if my computer can't record my games right, then it certainly can't record the kind of stuff you'll find on the market right now. Idea #1, later dubbed 'Games I Play' has turned out pretty well. Sometimes I feel forced to play something and post about it, but it's usually not too bad.

Incidentally, collision detection is what I'm working on reimplementing into AMAZE right now. I'm hoping to get it done in time for the next development update. I've gotten a ton of work done since my last post, so hopefully I can make you guys a nice long dev post next Friday.

This was, as the title suggests, my first 'Games I Play' post. I wasn't sure how to approach the post so I just went for a general breakdown of the elements. I don't like that style too much, but I just sorta stuck with it for the next few posts. Eventually I changed things up, though. I'm happier with what I have now.

The final post will be tomorrow, and following that I'll be returning to the schedule. That means that there'll be a programming post on Friday, and the next 'Games I Play' post will be on the following week. EDIT: The final post is up. Read it here.

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