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Space Douchebag! - 2 - The Story Thus Far

First off, apologies for not posting this earlier. I meant to post this last weekend, but then I guess it slipped my mind. Anyway, I'm going to use this post to talk briefly about what I've done on Space Douchebag! so far.

  1. Week 1/2: Our beloved hero, the mighty douchebag. 
    1. First off, I came up this weird concept. I wanted to do something simple, like a shooter, but I didn't know what to do for a story. I then realized that most of my shooters are just a dude who shoots everyone ever-regardless of anything. Figured that was rather douchey, and the concept was born.
    2. One of the main game mechanics came from laziness. I wanted to make collision simple, so I stuck a circular collision area on the cockpit. I then realized that I could put it in the story. His ego is so big, that his invincible ship can no longer hold it and it physically manifests itself. Unfortunately, his ego will shrink when shot, and we don't want that. Thus, I got a cool concept: a hitbox that shrinks as you take damage.
    3. Shooting was next. I wanted to do something different, and this ended up manifesting itself in an aiming mechanic. As you move up or down, your ship turns, moving both your ego and making you fire in a different direction. this has led to several cool maneuvers, like rapidly tapping up and down to spray bullets.
  2. Week 3: Boring menu week.
    1. Last week was a little on the boring side. We needed to make a menu system, along with a few other things. In the end, I chose a cool pane based layout for the menus. It looks terrible right now due to time constraints, but it'll look much nicer soon enough.
    2. I also came up with a new concept: Fanmail. Space Douchebag has many large hordes of fangirls who love him for his huge...ship, and they send him intergalactic fanmail. He can only hold so much, but reading it is a huge ego boost. That's how I'll handle health pickups, methinks.
    3. Finally, I made the player's shots grow ever so slightly as they move. It's a subtle, but nice effect.
  3. Week 4: The next step.
    1. Week 4 will be next week, but I've got my assignment already. It looks like it's all about depth effects, so the game may get some nice new graphical sheen. It is a graphics class, after all.
    2. I'll also try to add a basic form of enemy.

So there we have it. Next week will definitely have pictures, and I may post about the art style and such sometime. The nice thing about this project is that results will be much more visually obvious, so there's that. It's all Xna, though, so it's probably going to stay Windows only. 

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