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Game Engine Jam, Day 6 Recap

Well, adding a view was a tad bit easier than I thought. It's not too well done, but it works for my purposes. At this point, I'm going to try not to refactor anything until the project is near completion so as not to spend forever constantly tweaking everything. If you're wondering where the screenshots are, I promise to start putting some up with the next update. I've also started working on the GUI graphics, but I'll leave that subject for later.

Anyway, since I've added quite a bit I'll make a quick list of what's been done during the jam:

  1. General tileset import/export improvements
  2. Fixed 'vertical line bug'
  3. Collision Detection
  4. Pickups (Various bonuses to be grabbed for points)
  5. Level exits and ingame map switching (I can now just build levels and easily link them up)
  6. Scrolling Viewport (Levels can now be any size, within reason)
That's a pretty nice list! I've got around one change per day so far, so I'd call this jam a massive success already. With these new changes, I feel like I'll soon be able to spend more time just building levels and adding polish. In reality, I still have a fair bit to program but the project still feels a bit more finite now.

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