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AMAZE - 11 - While I Was Gone.....

With the semester over, and Space Douchebag done, work on AMAZE continues. I've made some progress since the last post, so I'll go over that today:

  1. I finished revamping the sprite/animation system. It not only allows me to create animations from whatever collections of images I want, it also lets me control a number of other aspects, like frame offsets, animation speeds, and even delaying animations on certain frames.
  2. I've expanded the scripting system somewhat, although that project's still in progress. Scripts can now run special scripts that run over time. These scripts are loaded externally in .sca files, and can pause and repeat. I also plan on expanding the capabilities of all scripts with some cool new stuff, but I'll post about that when it's done.
  3. Finally, I've laid out the initial design of how I want the entire game laid out. I'm going to keep it secret for a while, though. Every time I complete a set of levels, I'll release a public build and write about its' contents.
That's it for the progress I've made. Next week, I'll try to be more or less done with scripting. Following that, I'm going to finish up the tutorial levels, and maybe complete the UI while I'm at it.

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