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AMAZE - 12 - Filling the Gaps

Once again, I return with the week's work. Due to a combination of celebrations and laziness, I haven't gotten too much done this week. Still, that's not to say that I haven't made progress.

Last week, I wanted to finish off the scripting updates. I haven't done this, I'm afraid, but I've laid out my goals for the next month or so. Keep in mind that:

  1. This schedule is just there to keep me more or less on track. It doesn't mean that I'll stick to it, but it gives me an idea of what I should be doing.
  2. The schedule is not complete. There are other things that I want to get done, but haven't decided on when to do.
With that out of the way, here's the schedule:
Week 1(next week): I'm finishing the GUI. It's been in a half-completed state for far too long, and It would be nice to have it finished before I release any demos. I also plan on finishing up the tutorial, after which I'll probably release a tiny, unimpressive demo. In order for this to work, I'd also like to get Windows builds up and running.

Week 2: This week will mostly comprise of backend stuff. I'll finish up scripting, add some basic menus, and maybe add in a bit of sound and music to the game. This won't require me to make a new file type, as that's a target for a later engine version. Then, I'll get to work on the first zone's mechanic.

Week 3:
This week will all be game expansion. If I manage to finish everything that I want to, I'll be done with the first zone and I can make a new demo. Along with that, I'd like to implement a basic way to save your game, since there'll probably be ~15  levels at that point.

Week 4:
Once week 3's over, the backend of the game will be close enough to complete for me to start working on content regularly. I want to both start AND finish all of zone 2 within a week. This'll act as a good benchmark for how quickly I can complete the project as a whole. Some of the game's later mechanics will be quite difficult to implement, so it won't be perfect, but it'll show me whether or not I'm on track.

There we go. If all goes to plan, The engine will be close to done in a month's time. See, told you guys I was getting somewhere! On the code side of things this week, I finished the last mechanic that the tutorial introduces, so that means that I won't have much code left before it's done. I have a WIP screenshot, but I'll save it for next week when I hope to reveal the first demo. From now on, I'll post about the code/mechanics of most features once they're out in a demo. That way, I can let you guys find out for yourselves how stuff works.

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