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AMAZE - 15 - Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

First off, let me apologize for the seriously late post. I wanted to finish the second demo before posting, and that took longer than I'd hoped. It's done, though. I've still got to compile and test this release for Windows, but then I can release it.

Now, it's a bit early but here's what you can expect out of this new demo:

  1. Zone 1 now joins the tutorial, bringing the level count up to 15.
  2. 2 new game additions! The drill can break through large rocks, and some new spikes pop in and out of the floor.
  3. A number of bug fixes, and a whole slew of new bugs to go with them!
  4. Automatic saving and loading, letting you exit whenever you want.
  5. Respawn points make running out of lives slightly less of a chore. If you run out of lives outside of the tutorial, you just get taken back to the hub. You'll lose your progress in the zone, however.
  6. Sound support, with sound effects for dropping blocks and spike traps.
  7. An improved font for the score.

That looks like a pretty good list. I may go back and change levels from time to time, as I add new stuff. For now, though, they're fine as they are. Remember when this comes out, though: this demo represents the game in an extremely early and unfinished state. There will be plenty of bugs and annoyances, and the game will still be rather short.

I'm quite busy with schoolwork, but I'll hopefully get the demo out in a few days time.

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