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Semester 4, Day 2

Today I only had a single class, so I decided to reinstall my OS in hopes of making things a tad more stable. So far, so good. The only real downside is that I've lost a couple days worth of development time, which is a real shame.

Anyways, I had 1 new class today:


As if it wasn't obvious enough, this class is about democracies! The course seems to be a general at the inner working of democracies, the pros and cons of the system, and so on. We haven't done much at this point, so I can't really say if it'll be good or bad. The teacher seems pretty cool, and I enjoyed the first class, so I think it'll be pretty fun.

P.s: I'm a bit behind schedule on AMAZE work. I've added a bit more, and I'm now aware of some of the issues with the current demo. With any luck, though, I'll manage to finish things up before Friday.

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