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AMAZE - 22 - Boom!


  • Finished the first two levels of Zone 4.
  • Fixed a bug where pushing moving objects caused them to be flung in some direction forever.
  • Added Bombs and Explosions.
  • Added a reset button in the corner of the screen. It works the same as hitting 'R' in game, but some people were requesting it.
  • Fixed how multiple lines of text are displayed to make a bit more sense. Before text was wrapping in strange, incoherent ways.

Normally, I'd spend some time here adding technical stuff, but there isn't much to talk about today and I'm rather tired. The bombs were surprisingly simple to add, and consist almost entirely of out-of-engine scripting. I guess I could talk about the pushing bug. As you can tell, I've noticed lately that pushing is quite buggy. Most of the issues with it come from the fact that before Zone 4, it was impossible to ever push a moving object. This is because the only pushable objects are stationary by default, and even when on ice you can't reach them from a different angle before they stop. Of course, conveyor belts changed all that. Another source of issues is that objects that stop on the game's grid do so based on reaching new grid spaces, but the game's collisions don't take grids into account. This meant that you could theoretically push a moving block that's halfway between grid squares, and it would start moving in your direction along with its' current one. However, that change in direction would offset it from the grid, and so it would never reach another space and stop. Since walls and holes are based on that too, that means the blocks will ignore them, and fly offscreen forever. I've now forced pushable objects to be aligned to a grid to move, so the problem should now be gone.

Finally, the 7 Day Roguelike challenge has rolled around again. Last year I wimped out, but this year I'd like to give it a shot. We'll see how well that works...

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