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AMAZE - 24 - Get a Life!


  • Finished Zone 4.
  • Finished the Zone 3 tileset.
  • Started the Final Zone tileset.
  • Finished the first level of the Final Zone.
  • Finished the music for Zone 4.

Here's the total completion of the remaining parts of AMAZE:
  • Levels: 26/30: 86%
  • Tilesets: 5.5/6: 91%
  • Music: 1/8: 12.5%
  • Total: 73.8%

I'm going to start putting in this little completion bit until the project's done. I find that it does a good job of showing what I have left, even if it isn't perfectly accurate. I've decided that since the Final Zone doesn't introduce any new puzzle mechanics, I need to add in something to up the challenge a bit. To this end, I've added a timer to the levels. If you don't escape in time, you have to try again. I'm also considering making a change to how lives work. Currently, lives are temporary things. Grabbing an extra life is nice, but once you die it's gone. Instead of this, I'm going to make extra lives increase your maximum life count. This makes an extra life worth that much more, and allows players to make the game more difficult by ignoring them. I'm going to put one in each area, and make them only available on the first run through that area. Be on the lookout for them!

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