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AMAZE - 25 - So Close...


  • Finished the Final Zone tileset.
  • Finished the music for the Tutorial, Zone 1, Zone 3, and the Final Zone.
  • Life pickups now permanently increase your max life count, but only if you grab them on your first run of the level. Afterwards, they're just a bonus.
  • Finished 2 more levels of the Final Zone.
  • Added an end to the game.

Here's the total completion of the remaining parts of AMAZE:
  • Levels: 28/30: 93.3% 
  • Tilesets: 6/6: 100% 
  • Music: 5/8: 62.5% 
  • Total: 88.6% 

At my current rate, it looks like I might be finishing next week! After I get the rest of the music and levels, I'm going to take the time to add several difficulty levels. I decided to do this, mainly because of the final levels. Right now, even I have some difficulty getting through the last few levels and I've been playing this game longer than anyone else!  I will be making three difficulty levels:

  1. Casual Mode - You'll get an extra hit before death, and you respawn at checkpoints throughout levels.
  2. Challenge Mode - You respawn at checkpoints throughout levels.
  3. Hardcore Mode - No checkpoints, just as the game is now.
To do this, I'll need to put in checkpoints. These should be pretty easy, just setting where to stick the player when killed. Progress and items will be kept when  respawning like this, but the restart button will still reset everything.

I think this will make the game a bit less punishing for players, especially when they're just playing for the first time.

I've also started screwing around with a new project, but I'll save those posts for after AMAZE is finished.

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