4 Hugues Ross - Blog: Akradion Update 1
Hugues Ross


Akradion Update 1


  • Mostly integrated Bullet into the engine
  • Added creation script callbacks for entities

Bullet Physics:

Here's some big news. While I was working on this project, I finally decided to add some proper physics into DFEngine. It's taken me quite some time, and I still haven't worked out all of the kinks, but I have an actual physics engine handling things now! That's pretty sweet! Along with other benefits, this will most likely faster and more accurate collisions, something that's been missing for quite some time. Unfortunately, this means that I don't have anything new on the game side of things. Maybe next time!

As for the callbacks, that's important but not too interesting. Basically, I can now call a script when I make an object. It's nothing new, but it helps.

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