4 Hugues Ross - Blog: Akradion Demo 1 Released!
Hugues Ross


Akradion Demo 1 Released!

After a short delay, I've finished the first(only) demo of Akradion! You can get it on the games page, as always. I don't have much to write, since it's only been a couple of days, but I did make a few changes:

  • No more than 30 balls can exist on screen at a time, in order to avoid stuff like this:
This is from when I was stress testing the split powerup
  • Added an ending message
  • Added a help message that can be toggled with H
  • Got a better font
  • Fixed an issue in Windows builds that caused massive ball acceleration
  • Made a new title image
  • Added a new sprite for the volatile powerup
  • Added a new sound for starting the game

I think that's it. Have fun!

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