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Akradion Update 7



  • Added the usual dfEngine splash screen for when the game starts.
  • The title screen now fades out when starting a new game.
  • Running out of balls now properly ends the game, sending you back to the title screen to try again.
  • Added switches that cause special walls to become solid/non-solid when hit.
  • Added 4 new levels.
  • Added a high score which is saved across sessions.
  • Fixed a random crash bug related to level clearing
  • Added a dangerous new 'powerup' that temporarily disables your paddle.
  • Added a game over message that lets you give up your score to continue on the current level, or go back to the title screen.
  • Added some pretty fireworks to the win screen.
  • Fixed a bug where levels wouldn't always end for some reason.


  • Added a command to destroy all entities.
  • Entities can now be marked as persistent, making them stick around when the destroy all command is run.
  • Entities now have a 'type' variable, for grouping entities.
  • Added a command to make all entities of a specific type run a script immediately. Note that this script won't have access to global data, only local.

As this project nears its close, I've started trying to do a bit more testing than usual. A certain friend of mine in particular has been quite helpful. He seems to possess the amazing ability to find bugs in just about anything. He surprises me every time I show him something, and this time was no exception. He managed to break the game in 3 or 4 different ways that I'd never seen before! I think I've fixed all of the issues he uncovered at this point, but it took a lot of effort.

It this point, there are two things left to finish up: The levels, and the audio. The game currently has 12 levels, and my goal for release is 15. I always meant for Akradion to be short, and I think 15 will give the game enough flesh to take a bit of time to beat without overstaying its welcome. I should be able to finish the last three levels easily by next week, but the audio will take a bit longer. Right now, I'm not very happy with any of the game's sound effects. it isn't too surprising, since I just haphazardly ripped them from previous projects. I need to go down the list and make new sounds for everything, as well as making sure all of the audio is around the same volume. I also need a bit of music, and I've convinced Peter to compose for me again. I'm still not sure how long that'll take He's pretty busy, but I think he can probably finish that up within the next week or two, if only because of how little is needed.

Lastly, I want to try and get a decent video of Akradion's gameplay, so that I can release it alongside the game. Recording it shouldn't be too difficult, but I want to try and edit it a bit and that could make things take longer. Overall, I think the game will be finished by July 25th, although I'll try and release it earlier if possible. I've definitely overshot my original estimate, but I managed to add plenty of cool features and engine improvements that I hadn't planned on. I'm pretty happy with my progress.

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