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Singularity Update 2


  • Created the initial UI
  • Feeds now update on startup. Note that there are two differences from the previous version: First, the updates don't freeze the UI anymore. The second major difference is that the feeds should no longer have to update in order, but instead update all at once. This should speed up the update process as well.
  • Feed items can keep track of when they were downloaded, so that later I can have them be deleted once they've been around for a while.
  • Added buttons to the UI for adding and deleting feeds. This was one of the biggest missing features from the old version, so I'm glad that it all works.
  • Deleted feeds aren't fully expunged until the application exits, so that I can easily add an undo function later.
  • Started initial work on Atom parsing

These past couple of weeks have been great for Singularity. For some reason or other, I feel really excited about the project and I've been super productive on it. At this rate, I can probably put out a public build by the end of next week. The main thing that I need to do at this point is testing. If I migrate all of my current subscriptions over to the database for the new version of Singularity, it'll probably be a pretty good measure of how well the application works. There are some crashes here and there, but most of the common bugs are gone, and I have the others sorted out somewhat. Now that college has started again, my productivity will probably take a hit, but I'm quite confident that I can finish this soon thanks to my current momentum.

Expect a minor release soon!

Finally, here's a screenshot of the work in progress UI:
Lots of placeholders still, but it's already a bit better than
how the old version looked.

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