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Hugues Ross


DFEngine Update 7


  • Removed Tweens
  • Upgraded the collision handling. Scripts can now be called when an object comes into contact with another, maintains contact, or loses contact. This should make some things faster and easier than they were before.
  • Rewrote the code for creating PhysicsComponents. It's far more intuitive to create them in scripts now. Also, you now select the shape on creation. Currently the only shapes are Box, Sphere, and Capsule. However, I'll be adding support for custom models shortly.
  • Started working on raycast functions. Eventually, this will let you check if the mouse is over a particular object, which will be great for FPS games.
  • Moved the model drawing code to its own place(again). The custom drawing functions are back, but now they can draw anything.
  • PhysicsComponents now share their angular factor with scripts. In layman's terms, it means that you can now control how objects rotate on each axis.
  • Transoformation data is now stored inside the Entity class, not the PhysicsComponent. This means that you can put a GraphicsComponent onto an entity without forcing it to have physics as well. You can also now access rotations as either quaternions or Euler angles, depending on your preferences.

I always love a hefty changelog. The game jam did a lot of good, and it inspired me to work on DFEngine quite a bit. Unfortunately, I had quite a bit of homework, and didn't manage to finish the game I was making, but at least I was still very productive! There are only two downsides to this slew of updates: First, Tweens were removed. It needed to happen soon, since they were always causing tons of issues, but I don't yet have a suitable replacement. That's probably the next thing that I need to do, before anything else. The other downside is that the new PhysicsComponent creation code doesn't let you do as much as the old one. To be fair, I mostly removed the features that won't often get used, and it makes things much simpler. However, I still need to make sure that these features can still be used somewhere. I haven't checked yet, since the change was so recent, but it shouldn't be hard to replace anything that I've removed. Once I have both of those issues cleared up, I'll probably start working on a basic editor. It's one of the things that I've been missing for a while when using this engine, and I think it'll help me get interested in making games again.

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