4 Hugues Ross - Blog: Singularity Update 8
Hugues Ross


Singularity Update 8


-Items should now be marked as read more reliably.
-When you aren't subscribed to any feeds, Singularity now displays a 'Welcome Screen' that prompts you to subscribe to some.
-Added a Settings pane to set userthe preferences.
-Singularity can now periodically check for feed updates. You can disable this/change the interval from the settings pane.
-Fixed a serious bug where feeds could end up with the same id.


Getting settings into Singularity is probably the #1 culprit for why I haven't made any updates during the past few weeks. This particular feature slowed my progress down considerably, mostly because I needed to do a ton of work to even start seeing progress. At this point the settings pane is mostly empty, and it looks awful, but the hard part is over now.

Down the Road

It's been over a month since 0.1 came out, and you might be curious as to when I'm going to release 0.2. For once, I can answer that! My current goal is to finish singularity 0.2 by New Year's Eve, and release it soon after. Last week, I layed out my goals for 0.2 on Singularity's Github page. The list is pretty long so I'm a little bit worried, but I think I can manage. My goal for 0.2 is to take the base I created with 0.1, fix some issues, and then build off of it with some of its more 'essential' missing features, like the aforementioned settings pane. Currently, it looks like 0.3 will try to make the application act nicer on other systems, as a build up for an eventual attempt at getting it provided as a package in one or two distros. We'll see about that, of course, but I'm hopeful.

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