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General Update: Not Dead, Just Forgetful

I've been quite busy working on projects this past month, but you wouldn't know it from looking at this blog.

About 2 weeks after my last post, I made a 1000+ word update post for Halberd and promptly forgot to publish it. After that, I started remaking Akradion and totally forgot to even write any posts! I'll be posting the Halberd update(with a disclamer indicating its age), but I felt the need to put together a general update post now. This is a pretty good time to do it, since it has been about a month since the big post, and a few deadlines have passed.

The Goal, and the Results

The goal for the rest of this summer was to work on 3 things: Akradion, Halberd, and a One Game a Month entry. I wanted the OGaM entry and Akradion to be finished by now, and Halberd to have caught up with it's previous incarnation, possibly with a demo.

That was a pretty tall order, and I certainly didn't complete all of that, but I don't think I did too poorly either. I've made a decent bit of progress on Halberd, and most of the time lost comes down to figuring out and implementing things that the last version had simply left out. It's a little like finding an old todo list and realizing that half the entries still need to be finished.

As for Akradion, I actually did finish it before the start of the semester, but I don't want to release it just yet. I haven't had a chance to test out the Windows version on any actual machines running Windows, so I can't guarantee that it'll even run! It seems fine from testing it under Linux, but I still want to ensure that it works in its natural environment.

Coming Up

Obviously, I need to make a few posts. First, I'll be posting the old Halberd update shortly. Afterwards, I'll see if I can put together another update post for the project. Once I've finished testing Akradion, the game will be going up here as well. With any luck, I'll get a chance to run the testing next week, so you can probably expect it around next Friday. I also need to make one more post, specifically about school, but I think I'll leave that one to explain itself.

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