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Update: 1 month of college edition

If you've been reading this blog, you may have noticed that I haven't made very much posts apart for the capstone ones. To be honest, I haven't made too much headway on most of my projects recently. This is caused by several factors:
  1. Capstone - This one's obvious. Capstone, being the final piece of my college career, has to take priority over my other projects. There's always plenty of work to be done, so I don't have as much time for personal projects as I'd like. Thankfully, this generates plenty of posts
  2. Sickness - If you're a student right now, this might also make some sense. Going back to school tends to result in the entire student body catching a cold, so it's no wonder. I've been taking it unnaturally well, but it still makes me a bit slower on the work front
  3. Too Many Projects - I started this semester with 2 major projects: Halberd and DFEngine (Eventually AMAZE and Space Douchebag too). I'm currently sitting on.......9 projects. Brainstorming for capstone and a general creative mood has led to a bit of an explosion. This particular deluge of ideas seems to be over now, but I still have to split my work more now. None of these newcomers are ready just yet for a post, but they will be soon.
  4.  Work - In addition to all of this, I have a part-time job. That's going to be over(ish) pretty soon, but that currently eats close to 15 hours a week, when factoring in travel times.
Those 4 factors are the main reason that the posts have dried up a bit. With that said, let me give you some quick updates on some of the things that I'm working on.
  1. Halberd - I've fixed all of the bugs that I pointed out in my last post! My next goal is to figure out how to set up a decent GUI for the editor. I'm leaning towards using an established library such as Gtk, but I'm not entirely certain yet. That decision is the main delay in the project, and once I've made a decision I'll probably post about it.
  2. DFEngine - I'm occasionally working on this on and off, mostly trying to set up a better logging system. I'm also working on a post about that as I go.
  3. Tutorials - I'm finally back to my ncurses game tutorial, with one opf my new game projects. I've started writing the post for that, and hopefully you'll see it soon.
  4. Software - I'm currently cleaning up one of my personal projects, and once that's done I'll be releasing it on Github. I'm pretty excited to get another piece of normal software out for use, and hopefully that'll also be ready soon.

Last but not least, I'm teaming up once again with my good friend Peter Orzell. For the unacquainted, Peter is a bit of a mad scientist and the composer who's made most of the music in my games. (A Wheelie Good Time, Diamond Rush, Space Douchebag, and Doomsday Darren Goes Fishing)
Two years ago, we made a little 'gem' called Duke Spookem 3D for Game Architecture class. It was a big hit with the people we showed it to, and now we're back together working on it again! I'm currently working on getting the game to run on Linux machines, and then we'll start swapping out the assets and fixing up the engine. With any luck, you'll be seeing some more posts about that in time.

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