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Hugues Ross


Quick Life Update Post

Update:  I'm more or less all set, and I'll be back to posting regularly soon enough, but I'm leaving the rest of the post intact for those curious what I've been up to lately. I might make a proper update post about this later, at which point this will be deleted.

"Hugues, you haven't updated in nearly 2 months! Where's my fix?!"

No-one has said this, but I feel an inexplicable urge to explain regardless. You see, I'm employed. Not only that, I'm videogames employed.

If you're not too sure what that actually means, what I'm getting at is that I have a lot of red tape to deal with now. As of mid-October, I'm working as a professional game programmer. Now, while I can probably do some kind of work (the company I work for seems to be pretty cool about these sorts of things), the sheer quantity and scale of my side projects means that I don't really want to touch them or this blog without proper permission.

I still have every intent to continue this blog and hopefully get a more regular schedule going again. With any luck, I'll be able to fully resolve things within the next few weeks and then I can go back to normal development, but in the mean time just sit tight and know that I'm not dead or anything. pleasedon'tunsubscribe