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Let's Make a Roguelike, for the 3rd Time

Hello again! Last week, I promised the return of my roguelike tutorial. Today, I'm making good on that promise. Sort of.

I've pushed out a new update to the site and blog, which the observant among you may have noticed already. In addition to making the navigation bar a little bit nicer looking, I've also reorganized the pages a bit. The portfolio section is completely gone, because it never had any content and I don't really need one right now. To fill the space, I've split the games page off of the software page, and added a section for tutorials. The overall theming of the site has gotten some tweaks, and if you click the logo in the upper left-hand corner, then you'll see a very rough work-in-progress landing page. I could have withheld it, but I think it looks better than the word 'Placeholder'.

The tutorial section is also a bit of a work-in-progress. I'm planning on remaking the ring segment collision tutorial that I did a while back, but that could still be a while from now. i also need to play with the theme some more to make it look more polished.

The Tutorial

I've put up the first entry of the new-and-improved roguelike tutorial, a nice little introductory page. You can read it here. It borrows a couple sections from the old part 1, but most of the content is new. It's probably not the most exciting start for a new series but I expect the new tutorial to have a slightly faster pace overall, so hopefully that will offset the slow start.

That's all for the moment! You can expect the first numbered chapter of the tutorial to be up on January 2nd, and more will come every other Monday after that. This means that I might have the beginnings of a schedule! I'll be posting here whenever I put up a new part, and you can expect the other regular posts to appear once in a while, as they typically do. I'm still waiting for my projects to get an official OK from on high, so in the meantime please enjoy these updated tutorial chapters.

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