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Getting Organized - 3 - Impressions on Taskwiki

It's been a week since I started playing around with taskwiki, and I'm going to share my thoughts on it so far. Two weeks isn't enough to get a truly complete view of the plugin, but I still have a few things that I can discuss.

At this point, I've set up a nice segmented todo list on the front page of my wiki. By carefully assembling some taskwarrior filters, I've created 3 main sections: Today, This Week, and This Month. The sections are pretty self-explanatory. I haven't played around with making tasks for my projects yet, so for now it's mostly a way to track chores and real life commitments. So far, it has been pretty helpful in that regard!

I gave my initial thoughts on taskwiki in my previous post, and now that I've had more time with it I've compiled a more detailed list of thoughts:

The good

  •  It takes out a lot of the tedium of using taskwarrior, and it's easier to commit to. Having an interactive interface lets me keep it open all the time, rather than forcing me to remember to pull it up regularly.
  • Using taskwarrior's filters with taskwiki makes them much easier to deal with. Without taskwiki, I'd need to type out (or tab-complete) several filters and call taskwarrior with each one. With taskwiki, I can use filters with more of a "set it and forget it" attitude.

The bad

  • I ran into an annoying bug today. Taskwiki updates the status of your tasks when you save the page. However, if a task is shown in several spots then these copies can conflict with each other. For instance, you could mark a task as done, then see it "un-mark" itself because another copy wasn't marked. I doubt it'll happen very often, but it's an inconsistency that will surely return to annoy me in the future.
  • To add a new task to a list, you can just add a new line at the end. This is good! However, adding a new line at the heading with the filter or in the middle of the list doesn't add a new task. This makes the feature much more vexing than it really ought to be.
  • Setting a specific date on a task feels pretty inflexible, because you need to write out the date (e.g. 2017-05-01 rather than 05-01 or May 1). To get around this, I've set up my lists to choose dates for me when I add tasks to them.
  • Even with my list in front of me, I still tend to ignore things outside of the "Today" category. If I set a task for something that I need to do this week, I probably won't pay it much attention until the date gets close. This isn't a taskwiki problem, but I definitely need to do something about it.

To sum up the above list, I like the convenience of taskwiki but it has several niggling issues that annoy me. For now, I think I can live with them.

Next week will be something different, but I'll be back with more thoughts once I start making wiki pages for my projects.

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