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Announcement: A newer, better schedule

With a new month comes a new and shiny schedule! Up until now, I've been mostly winging it with regards to posting here. My goal was one post a week, but I had no other rules to go by. It was a lawless wasteland, here on this blog!
Pictured: A lawless wasteland of blogging
It's time to end all of that. The sheriff's back in town and he's getting organized! Apologies about that not showing up until last Thursday, by the way. It was scheduled for the Sunday before but Blogger decided not to post it for some reason???
Being just a tad more serious for a moment, now that I'm capable of reminding myself about long-term tasks I'm going to try my hand at a proper schedule again.

The schedule

New posts will appear on Sundays at 9:00 PM (EST).

The last post of every month will be a large update post about my current focus. Between now and August, that's dfgame. That post will come with higher production values than my normal posts, featuring images, videos, audio, or something else entirely.

Besides the big update, I will also make two smaller posts every month. These can be about anything I want, but will likely resemble the type of content that I've posted in the past.

On one week each month, I won't post anything. This break can be taken on any week besides the last, and it'll hopefully keep me from having to apologize about delays or throw together something uninspired at the last minute.

Announcement posts (such as this one) will not count towards the monthly post count.


Expect one fancy post at the end of each month, and two little posts in-between. Assuming they're on time, posts can be expected to arrive on Sunday evenings.

I might also try to make my posts funnier. I like to think that I'm a pretty amusing fellow in real life, but dear lord are my blog posts boring. Hopefully, that's about to change.

Expect the puns. Fear the puns. Become one with the puns.

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