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Let's Play a Drawing Game!

    Last weekend, I thought of a little game for two to try out some time. The game is based around drawing pictures, preferably with a tablet so that you can easily compile the images together on the computer. I've been tentatively calling the game 'Pics or it didn't happen.' Here are the rules:

  1. Player 1 tells Player 2 about something that happened to them, or something they found out. This thing must be only one sentence long, and it should be wild, fictitious, and rather absurd.
  2. Player 2 must now draw the picture, and then follow step 1. However, the sentence Player 2 chooses must be related to the last.
  3. Everyone wins. (Or no one, depending on the contents of the pictures. You decide.)
    This game can be adapted for 3 or more people, where each person must draw. The drawing that Player  1 decides is best gives its artist a point, as well as the opportunity to come up with the next sentence. The winner is the first to reach a set amount of points.

I encourage anyone who reads this to try it out, and tell me the results. I'm going to try it with some friends, so I might put up the result eventually.

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