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I've recently been posting to this blog almost every day, and I think now would be a good time to make a proper schedule for posting. Right now, my objective is to post daily when possible, although I might not have time to do that this weekend. I'm moving into my dorm at Champlain today, and I have to attend the various orientation activities on Saturday and Sunday. That said, you can find my plan for posting after the jump:
  1. Sketchbooks - I'll be putting a new sketchbook post up every Wednesday, preferably during the morning. They're just going to be quick sketches based on a theme. I put the first one up yesterday, but I drew it the Wednesday before. I'd love to see comments on these posts, especially constructive ones. They exist so that I can practice drawing regularly.
  2. Programming - Despite working on a couple little games, I haven't posted about any of my programming/game making projects yet. I'll post about any progress on those every Saturday.
  3. D&D Recaps - I'm part of a small Dungeons and Dragons group that meets every other week. I'd like to post short recaps of what happened on Sundays, but I'll have to talk to my DM first.
  4. 3D Stuff - Last year I did quite a few basic 3d renders/animation with Blender. I haven't done any of that all summer, but I'd love to start anew. Every Monday, I'll try to put up some sort of progress on a Blender project. In the future, numbers 2 and 4 may coincide. Now wouldn't that be nice?
  5. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and some Sundays, I'll put up whatever I feel like posting. This could be one of the things I've listed above, or it could be something totally different. We'll see.
I'll put up a page with my schedule later. I've been considering Let's Play-ing some indie games at some point. If so, I'll probably put those videos up here along with some post editing commentary.

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