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The Sickness

If you're wondering why I'm not posting much right now, it's because I've caught one of the myriad of autumnal illnesses. Also, I've been getting plenty of schoolwork in the form of programming projects and such. I have done a few things, though.

  • I got some more work done on my text adventure. Your character can now pick up items, and examine/use them by attaching the pronoun 'my' to their command. 
  • Example: ">Look at my spider             --               A sturdy wooden spider. It is open."
  • Words like 'the' are now allowed too.
  • I practiced some pixel art yesterday. Hopefully, the next iteration of my RPG will have more decent graphics.
  • I'm considering making a new blog specifically for anything I make that I consider to be less safe for work than I'd like to put up here. It probably wouldn't be updated too often, though. Not yet, at least.
That's about it. Feel free to comment, if you like.

EDIT: Also, I've put a number of new development tools on my laptop, so hopefully I'll be able to expand the realm of what I can do, language/engine wise.

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