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This week, I managed to be fairly productive when it comes to game making. I felt that It'd be a bad idea to start on moving my RPG to C++ without any idea if it would work, so I downloaded one of the old Game Maker tutorials and tried to translate it to C++. It isn't done yet, but I've made solid progress. I expect it to be done by the end of next week. Images after the break:

I also spent some time on the design of my RPG. Up until now, I was basically making things up as I went along. Now, I've begun on a proper design doc, as well as a second draft of the plot. (The first draft was finished over the summer, but it sucked. I threw it out and started over)

I may have mentioned this before, but I got a friend of mine on board with this project. He's going to make the music! I've heard a few things he's made already, and I think it'll work nicely. I may post some in the future.

Next weekend, I'm participating in a game jam hosted by my college, so I might not be able to post much. We'll see.

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