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Another week, another jam

This may not have been too obvious, but I mentioned wanting try the 0 Hour Game Jam some time ago. Well, the day was today(at 2 am). I would call it a success of sorts. (You can play it here, the name is Zombie Delinquent Shootout)
Here's how it went:
What went right:
  • The concept
    • I came up with something simple right before the jam began. This was very helpful, as I knew exactly what had to be done.
  • The engine
    • My engine worked quite well! I've really come a long way from when I was using love. 
  • The graphics
    • I drew them quickly, but they didn't turn out as poorly as I had expected. still not great, but whatever.
  • The new scaling algorithm
    • I rewrote the code for scaling images literally just minutes before the jam started. Sprites now scale from an origin point(default center) rather than the top-left hand corner. Having said that, it's not perfect. I'll need to play with it a bit more.
What went wrong:
  • The graphics
    • As nice(ish) as they were, I spent far too long on them. It made the coding more rushed than it had to be.
  • The RNG
    • It would either always show your cat, or never show your cat. There was no middle ground. I opted for never in the end.
  • Porting
    • There is no Windows version. I considered compiling the game not to be a part of the jam, so I did it afterwards. After 30 minutes of fighting the compiler, and only getting a white screen, I gave up. I may revisit this, but not right now.
  • I ran out of time
    • I still made a game, but 10 minutes more would've really helped.

Oh, yes! Here's a screenshot full of Zombie Delinquents! Yes, their arms are guns. No, they cannot fire them. I didn't code that in time. :(

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