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Here we go again with a few updates:

  1. As of last Thursday, a new Sprint has begun. Expect less in the way of updates/work.
  2. That said, it looks like we'll be using my code for it. This means that I'll be capable of doing more in my other projects once it's finished. In fact, I've made three big changes:
    1. Windows compatibility is no longer hard coded. I can just use the code without making any changes. This should be a big help with porting.
    2. My texture library now supports tilesets and spritesheets, allowing for animations with PNG transparency(and of course, tiles).
    3. This came about during the 0 hour game jam, but my texture library no longer messes with an image when scaling. Just good, clean, pixels.
  3. Also, for a number of reasons, I've decided not to participate in F**k This Jam. Nothing serious, but I don't really have the time or the drive to do it.

Last, but far from least, I haven't forgotten about Chainsaw Deathrace for Linux. Here's the deal:
       I'm working on a prototype for randomly generated levels, as well as some changes for how levels are loaded. What this means is that I'll be releasing the Linux version alongside the next update. I have no idea when it'll be but I'm guessing it'll happen around Thanksgiving. Currently, I'm thinking of using Mediafire for hosting, as I've heard good things about it. We'll see.

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