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Boy did I screw up this time around. I can't believe I haven't posted in almost 3 weeks! Well, school's begun again, and the professors seem to be going all out from the start. I'm still sticking with my usual "schedule" though. On to news, after the break.
  1. I've been looking into libraries that aren't SFML, so that I can better decide on what to use in the long term. Right now, I'm trying out SDL and Allegro. I haven't decided what I'm sticking with, though.
  2. Game Tech 1, my new game-centric class, is a bit disappointing. It's essentially flash game 101, and I really dislike Actionscript. I may see if I can somehow post something from it on this site.
  3. The Global Game Jam is coming up this weekend! I'm doing this one too. I'll be posting more on that when it arrives.
I need to fill my pixel quota for the month still, so here's some characters from my first Game Tech project. I'll be putting stuff up from the next one soon enough.

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