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Doomsday Darren Goes Fishing - Midway Update

So, I probably should be posting more often during this jam, but I guess I never really thought of it until now. Because of that, I'm probably just going to post once more at the end.

These first few days have been a bit slower than I'd like, I'm afraid. At this point, I've mostly set up the engine of the game and little else. However, I do have good news on that front! Thanks to a few hours of random research, I now have methods to run very fast collision detection tests, leading me to create the latest version, which I now dub Ultra Seagull Massacre 2013:

Oh, the humanity!

I must say, I'm quite happy with the results.
Anyway, that brings me here, to day 4. I've got my friend Peter, the guy who makes all of my music, working on some tracks for the game, and I hope to have something resembling the final gameplay to some degree done by the end of tomorrow. If that's what happens, I think this'll go pretty well.

The forum thread for the game is here, and the Google+ album is here.

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