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Updates: Singularity is DONE! Sorta.

It's been a bit too long since my last post, but I have some great news. As if you hadn't guessed from the title, Singularity v1.5 is now complete enough to that it'll do for the moment. I can now move on to AMAZE, and spend the next couple of weeks testing it out and looking for bugs. There are several features that I wanted to add, but they aren't too urgent.

Anyway, here are the improvements and changes I've made since v1.1:

  • Complete rewrite - What was once just 3 enormous files has now been written in the form of 16 separate, easier to read files. 
  • Parser simplification - My parser code was a giant mess of hacks and workarounds, but now it's much simpler and more efficient.
  • Better Loading - In v1.1, you had to cross your fingers and wait a few minutes before the program opened, as it ran all of its' updates beforehand. Now, it opens immediately, gives you a progress bar for updates, and allows you to cancel updates midway. v1.1 would automatically update every 15 minutes, suddenly wrenching control from the user, but v1.5 replaces this with a simple update button.
  • New View - in v1.1, you had to go to each feed separately, checking new items. v1.5 adds a simple view that shows you all of the new stuff in one place.
  • (Eventually) Better Interface - To be perfectly honest, the new interface is hardly an improvement on v1.1's interface. However, the code structured in such a way that I can improve it drastically with little work. v2.0 will hopefully bring that with it.
What's that? v2.0? Well, yes. I'm not done yet. That said, I don't plan to work on v2.0 until late September at the earliest. I'm sick and tired of Singularity, and I want to get back to making games. Starting today or tomorrow, I'll be working on AMAZE, and a proper reusable engine with it.

Edit: I never really liked the Projects page, and I wasn't really updating it ever. Anyway, it's gone.

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