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AMAZE - 4 - Getting Somewhere

I apologize for the complete lack of posts last week. The weather was incredibly awful, and I didn't get much coding OR playing done until late that week. I'll put up more of Games I Play next week.

Despite my inactivity, I actually got quite a lot of work done somehow. Sprite animation now works correctly, for starters. I haven't really made any updates to the hackish sprite import system, but I threw together a simple collision detection system. It's still not fully complete, but it's good to see more parts of the engine working. I understand that it's rather boring for none of these updates to have any pictures with them. Hopefully, now that things are starting to pick up I'll be able to show future improvements with some screenshots. Here's my current plan:

  1. I need to finish the sprite import and collision systems. I really ought to add some polish to what I've got before I keep adding more. I'll probably put together a simple program to handle exporting spa files too.
  2. I'm going to work on a room system, and writing data files for that. I'll cover this in more detail when we get there.
  3. When I was first testing out the engine, I got it to cross-compile nicely.  already know that it won't work right now, so I need to ensure that I can get it running again on windows. 
  4. I'm going to flesh out the engine a little more by making a very simple game. It'll be something incredibly basic, but it will show me where I need to work.
  5. Finally, I'll tackle sound. I'm kinda worried about that part, but hopefully it'll work out alright. Like everything else, I'm plan on making my own files for it.
  6. When all of this work is finally complete, I'll make AMAZE proper. That should easily show what I need to do to finish my engine. Unfortunately, due to a mixture of misfortune and laziness, it probably won't be done until my next semester at Champlain begins.

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