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Earlier this week, I sorta had a mini-vacation thrust on me. It was a rather welcome surprise, but it's been slowing my development speed a bit. Anyways, because my family is staying by a lake, my sister and I went for a swim together, and had a rather long talk. Normally, our talks are either shouting matches or long, rambling, one-sided conversations about things that only one of us cares about. This time, however, our chat was rather productive. She produced a couple ideas for my blog and youtube channel that I want to try out. 

The first idea came from a ridiculous problem that I have, which is that I've got way too many games, and cool new ones keep coming out. My Steam library is rapidly approaching 1 hundred games, and I haven't played most of them. The solution is to work my way through my game library, and spend a while with each one(I'm thinking a week, but we'll see). Then, I take some screenshots and write about the game on here. One of the big upsides of this is that it'll provide me with a ton of non time-based content that I can keep around for those weeks when I've got nothing to report. It'll also let me diversify this blog's content, which I've wanted to do for a while. After all, this is DF's Odd Blog of Everything, not DF's Odd Blog of Development Status Reports. It's also a great way for me to actually play my games rather than letting them gather dust, so to speak.

The last one might make sense, but this next one's pretty weird. I guess it's a type of strange pseudo-Let's Play. The method is simple, though:
  1. I record myself playing video games.
  2. My sister commentates the videos in post, having never played the game nor viewed the video. 
In other words, it's a blind commentary...of someone else's gameplay. I kinda want to try this. I have no idea how it'll work out, though. I'm sticking with the first idea, but I'm not promising anything on the second one.

I'll try to get the first post of Idea #1 up next Friday. I'll also keep trying to make one unrelated post every week, just as usual.

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