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A wild schedule appeared!

Remember last time I made a schedule? Here, have a refresher, with commentary:

"I've recently been posting to this blog almost every day, and I think now would be a good time to make a proper schedule for posting. Right now, my objective is to post daily when possible, although I might not have time to do that this weekend. I'm moving into my dorm at Champlain today, and I have to attend the various orientation activities on Saturday and Sunday. That said, you can find my plan for posting after the jump:"
No, Really
Oh god, if only he knew... Typical freshman. Not that I'm much better now. For the record, Orientation sucked. I cannot understand how such a sweet college could fuck this up so badly by just throwing assemblies everywhere. What is this, grade school? Anyway, at the time I had 1 (comparatively simple) game project, no classes or obligations, and nothing to do. Now, I have so many game projects I don't even count 'em anymore. AMAZE has received so many rewrites that the old code folder contains an older code folder. That's a sure sign that you've been busy. Also, I'm still not sure whether I should use jump breaks. I'm leaning towards no, but I feels like I have to for some odd reason. Ok, from now on I'll follow this rule: No jump breaks. Sound good? Good.

"1. Sketchbooks - I'll be putting a new sketchbook post up every Wednesday, preferably during the morning. They're just going to be quick sketches based on a theme. I put the first one up yesterday, but I drew it the Wednesday before. I'd love to see comments on these posts, especially constructive ones. They exist so that I can practice drawing regularly."
I think I made.....1 sketchbook post before saying fuck this and stopping forever. I might draw some more once in a while, but nothing like this. As for comments, I got a comment. A single one. Once. If you're out there, fabled readers, do comment! Yes, even if you're a web spider. I have high standards for automated processes, you know.

"2. Programming - Despite working on a couple little games, I haven't posted about any of my programming/game making projects yet. I'll post about any progress on those every Saturday."
Wait, a couple? What? As in, more than 1? Weird, I need to reread my old posts now... 

...No, no talk of that fabled 2nd project. In fact, I posted about the 1st after this went up, as I'd mentioned. Yeah, I have no idea what old me was talking about. That 'pics or it didn't happen' thing seems pretty cool though. I still need to give it a go sometime.

"3. D&D Recaps - I'm part of a small Dungeons and Dragons group that meets every other week. I'd like to post short recaps of what happened on Sundays, but I'll have to talk to my DM first."
Alas, that fabled conversation never occurred. Either I'd forget, or I wouldn't get a chance to ask. At this point, I don't always make it to games anyway. If someone else were to write some recaps, though, I'd put them up. I may ask about something like that.

"4. 3D Stuff - Last year I did quite a few basic 3d renders/animation with Blender. I haven't done any of that all summer, but I'd love to start anew. Every Monday, I'll try to put up some sort of progress on a Blender project. In the future, numbers 2 and 4 may coincide. Now wouldn't that be nice?"
That would be nice, and it'll happen eventually. I was using Blender all the time before college, but I've replaced that completely with programming. Still, I do want to try making some 3d games sometime.

"5. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and some Sundays, I'll put up whatever I feel like posting. This could be one of the things I've listed above, or it could be something totally different. We'll see."
Was I some sort of masochist back then, or was I really that naive? "So I'll post all of this stuff on these 4 days, and-Oh yeah let's just post on all of the others too. No problem." I can't post twice a week on vacations, much less every single day! 

"I'll put up a page with my schedule later. I've been considering Let's Play-ing some indie games at some point. If so, I'll probably put those videos up here along with some post editing commentary."
Wait..... Did I really consider becoming a LPer for even one second? I've got a terrible voice, not too much to say, and a laptop that can't even record my own games properly(Which is why no other gameplay videos are up yet. They don't seem to record well. I'll pester a friend to borrow their computer sometime, or something.)  As for the schedule page, I eventually deleted it in disgust.

So. As you can undoubtedly see, that went rather well. Let's do it again, shall we?
I'll even use the same format! After the not-jump, of course:
  1. Programming - Fridays. I have Friday off for this semester, and Friday is D&D night so I plan to keep them light. This'll give me all day to procrastinate, and 1 hour to desperately throw something together. 
  2. Games I Play - Mondays. This way, I'll have the entire weekend to check out the game in question, as well as write my impressions. This does mean that I'm missing it again this week, which sucks. I will post another AMAZE update tomorrow though, and it will have pictures, even if they have to be unrelated ones(they won't.)
  3. Sprites - Apparently, I haven't been posting sprites often enough. I believe I said it was going to be once a month, but that doesn't seem to have worked out. I'm not going to make an effort to do more spriting, but on the off chance that I make/edit some sprites they'll appear on Sundays.
  4. Everything Else - I wouldn't mind posting about my daily life here. In fact, there are a few other things that I'd like to post about. They will be sporadic, If I even choose to post about them. I will be sure to only ever post them on Whenevertheheckiwantday.
So, here's to hopefully not failing! This was super fun, so I might start tearing apart old posts here and there. I won't post the schedule for at least a month, so that I know for sure that I'm following it.

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