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AMAZE - 9 - Now with added coherence!

Well, it was a short-lived victory. It looks like I've got a ton of bugs to work out now, which is understandable considering the fact that I couldn't properly test any of the updated code until it was all done. The strangest bug that I've run into so far is all of the tiles being tinted green for no apparent reason:

(ignore the vertical lines, I just didn't draw my test tileset too well.)

Anyway, note that this does not in fact affect sprites at all. I was really curious as to how this was happening, and I still am. I fixed the error by rearranging the color load order. I don't understand why the colors were jumbled in the first place, but I'm glad it works. I know that sprites and objects should work, because they were working earlier. However, ever since things got green I hadn't seen a single object. This was because apparently they were receiving strange arbitrary coordinate values, like -nan(nan stands for 'not a number', by the way.) I fixed that, too, so now I'm just about done with the rewrite. The final step will be to implement the basic object scripting that I'd implemented right before. It's already in the files, so it shouldn't bee too difficult. By next update, I ought to have some actual game content to share.
Much better!

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