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Status Update: Ludum Dare and more

A few quick things I had on my mind:

  • After much consideration, I'm not going to compete in this upcoming Ludum Dare. My engine may be in a semi-working state, but it's nowhere near ready to be put to the test like this. Fear not, though. Fall will bring with it a couple more game jams, and I'll be far more ready by then. In the meantime, I'm gonna stop working directly on AMAZE for a little bit, just so that I can smooth out a few kinks and issues with the engine. It's better to take a while doing things well than to do those same things twice(or more).
  • Elementary OS Luna was released recently! It's probably the prettiest Linux distro I've ever used, and I've been proudly running it since January. If you're looking for a cool OS, look no further.
  • As you can see, I've miraculously made a Games I Play post today. Hopefully, this is the start of a new golden era of blog posts. I think I'll be changing how I write them next week, though. The piece by piece review works alright, but I keep running into the same 'Well, I need to write about this part but it's not really awesome or terrible.' sort of thing again and again. I'm going to try doing more of a pro/con thing next time, and hope it works better.

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