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4k Retrospective: Part 2

This is part 2 of a series where I reread all of my old posts and write about them. View part 1 here.

Let's continue where we left off:

This is a simple little design post explaining how I was planning to handle the RPG project's dynamic map loading system. When I revisit the project eventually, I'll be redesigning this a it. It should work fine in general, but there are a number of tweaks that I would make for this. This was the first post to have 'design illustrations,' and it won't be the last. They're not too frequent, but they help. I don't like these ones too much, though.

  • This Has Nothing to do With Blender [REMOVED - Way too light on content]
This is a really weird post. I guess it's a programming update, but beside the weird bit at the end it's only 2 lines long.

"Null pointers can be a real @#*&%&$^*#$(* to take care of sometimes" is probably the truest thing that old me ever said. Man, do memory errors suck. Thankfully, I now have debugging tools to make my life a bit easier in that regard. I think this is where I stopped working on the game in favour of improving the editor. I may have eventually gotten the whole 'infinite map' thing working, but it's hard to remember and I'm not really in the mood to search through my old code.

I don't remember the non-autotile floodfill being too painful, honestly. Floodfill isn't too bad as long as you've done it before. Anyway, this is the final numbered update for the RPG project. I'm still surprised that I started posting about the project so late in development.

  • The Schedule [DELETED: No longer relevant]
Well, here it is: The beginning of the end. Realizing that I never follow my schedule, but afraid to destroy it, I just make a note that I don't follow it. I also mention the ill-fated projects in progress page that I tried a while back.

This is a weird look into older me. I make a post about updates to Textyventure, and name it after the fact that I'm sick. Old me isn't kidding about the projects, though. Even now, I still have trouble keeping up with them sometimes. I also mention the possibility of making a blog for NSFW content. I haven't had to do it yet, but I've considered it. I have a certain line of what I consider to be ok for this blog, and Space Douchebag/Chainsaw Deathrace are both relatively close to it.
The "Not yet" bit is pretty cryptic sounding. I'm not too sure what old me meant by that, exactly. I have a couple of theories, but nothing definitive.

I think this is the final post about the RPG project. Interestingly, if I had to make that choice again, I'd choose the same languages but for different reasons. The biggest reason would be because I like low-level, non-managed languages and C++ fits the bill perfectly.

I finally delete that schedule. Man, that took a while! I also briefly mention Planets of the Plant, which you can read about in slightly more detail here. Essentially, it was my first school related game project. I think I'm on game 12 now with Space Douchebag.

Oh my, it seems that I actually did talk about the RPG once more. I thought I'd never said anything about the design doc until yesterday, but I guess I was wrong.
More importantly, this is the very first post about AMAZE! This is where it began: a Game Maker tutorial painstakingly(and poorly) recreated in C++. I love how optimistic I am about the schedule here. Now, I think I might finish it before the one year marker, but it's gonna be close. Still, I'm astonished again about how long I waited to post about this. It looks like I've got quite a bit of content, but this is the first mention of the project at all.

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