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4k Retrospective: Part 3

This is part 3 of a series where I reread all of my old posts and write about them. View part 1 here.

As I mentioned in the last part, the posts I'm reviewing here are going to be about Chainsaw Deathrace. The only exception is the last one, which is a quick postmortem on my 0 Hour Game Jam entry. I figured it fit into the game jam theme, so I decided to add it in.

  • And so it Begins.../Chainsaw Deathrace Development Album/Complete [DELETED: Not enough content]
There is surprisingly very little to say about these specifically. They're all very short and any info that they have is available on the Games Page. It felt very weird deleting these, because game jams feel like a very important portion of the content on this blog. In reality, though, I really didn't write much for this one. Just because these are game jam posts doesn't exclude them from the rules.

Moving to another topic, Chainsaw Deathrace feels like one of my bigger successes. I got OpenGL working with AMAZE first, but it wasn't until Chainsaw Deathrace that I started to really feel comfortable about using it.

The 0 Hour Game Jam's hectic, but it's also quite fun! Provided I'm feeling up to it, I might give it another shot this year. I think that once my engine goes through a couple of iterations, I'll be able to throw together good games very quickly. Right now, though, it's way slower than what I was doing back them.

I figured I'd have more to say, but I guess not. The next part is over here.

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