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Space Douchebag! - 1 - Don't Panic

Please don't panic. I haven't stopped development on AMAZE or anything. I'm going to use this post to explain what's going on, and the next few will focus on actual development.

First, AMAZE is in a bit of a slow spot. I finished rewriting the import/export stuff, but now I need to add more to some of the files as well as making other various changes. The binary file stuff has only recently shown just how bad an idea it was, but I'm pretty much committed to getting it working now. Obviously, it sucks and makes me not want to work much, dragging on the process further.

Second, I've had my programming time seriously cut into by college. I knew it was going to happen, but I'd forgotten how dramatic a cut it was. I'm also teaching myself how to use Vim in the meantime, which is making me unproductive since I'm still not used to using it. I can feel sometimes how it'll help make me faster once I've used it for another month or two, but it's going to be a while until I can really make use of that latent power.

Finally, my Graphics Development class requires me to program one or more games in C# via XNA, so I figured I could post progress on that stuff during slow weeks. It's win-win. I don't have as much pressure to get work done, and you guys don't have to suffer through another year of boring apologetic updates.

Well, that's out of the way. It's pretty late, so I'll explain Space Douchebag! and get you all caught up on its' development in a later post, probably this weekend.

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