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Status Update, and Announcement

As I've said multiple times already, the semester is nearing its' end. This means that my workload has slowly begun to increase, and I've had less time to write blog posts. Here's the general state of various things:

  1. The schedule seems to have been successful. I'm quite surprised, and slightly impressed that I actually managed to keep up with it. I may eventually add more posts if I can continue to keep this up. In the mean time, I still have yet to put up a schedule page. Be patient. It'll happen within the next week or two, hopefully.
  2. Thanks to the schedule, I've made a good few Games I Play posts so far. I'm still not certain that I'll stick with the current formula, but I'm more comfortable with it than the previous ones. That said, I'm going to take a break for it until the end of the semester. This'll let me concentrate less on playing games, and more on making them. It may also let me set up a small buffer(no promises) that would ensure more punctual posts.
  3. Until the end of the semester, My regular programming posts will be about Space Douchebag. Obviously, it'll be finished once the class ends but I might consider making a Monogame version that would run on Mac/Linux along with Windows, and maybe add some of the stretch goals that don't make it. Either way, I'm taking a break from it once classes are over.
  4. I'm really sorry about AMAZE. From the looks of it, it won't be finished until well after the semester ends. I am making some slow progress on it during occasional down time, but it will still be a long time before I finish.
  5. Last but not least, Singularity. You thought I'd forgotten, hadn't you? Nope, still working on it! I've started some basic work on version 2.0, although it's the absolute lowest priority right now. I still want to finish AMAZE before moving back to that, so I can't say when I'll be working much on it again.
Another thing to mention: I've been skipping out on a ton of Game Jams as of late. I feel really bad about it, and once I've finished a project or two with my engine it'll start to get better. For now, though, I'm afraid that's just how it is. I had an idea for the 0-hour game jam, but I became preoccupied with some personal stuff around the same time and missed it.  The next jam that I do will probably end up either being Ludum Dare or the Global Game Jam. We'll see, it'll depend on how quickly I can finish AMAZE.

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