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AMAZE - 13 - Demo 1!

Wow. It's finally happened. After months of toil, the very first demo of AMAZE is complete and available. When I first started this project, I never could have imagined the kind of time and effort it would take to get even this far. But still, I digress; the demo is finished. Now, before you go download this demo and find it rather lacking, I should remind you of what exactly it contains.

What the demo has:

  1. The tutorial, with 5 short levels to introduce basic mechanics.
  2. A locked-down hub, where future areas will be accessed.
  3. Windows AND Linux support (Finally!)
  4. A number of very basic puzzle mechanics, like pushing blocks around and unlocking doors.

What the demo does not have:

  1. A finished game.
  2. A game anywhere near completion
  3. More than 6 screens
  4. A decent title screen(you'll understand if you play the demo)
  5. Decent fonts(It's still my cringeworthy slapdash 'I need a font right now' font)
  6. Any sound or music, although the next one will probably have some

As you can see, there is yet work to be done. Normally, I would dream of releasing something in this state. However, I promised to release a demo upon completing any area, and the basic tutorial area is done. If you want a demo with even a little bit of polish, or perhaps more than a couple minutes of gameplay, you should probably skip the first few demos. I you want to see exactly what's been done since the start of the project, give it a look. Just be aware that much of this project's work has been the behind the scenes action, so the playable result looks like something I could whip up in a single day. Anyways, I've put it up on the games page as usual, so feel free to grab it if you'd like!

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