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Hugues Ross


7DRL 2014 - Day 6

Why would you even suggest that nefarious deeds are happening in our secret underground laboratories?

Tomorrow is the last day! I actually managed to get quite a bit done today:

  • Use items are in. Drink coffee and eat donuts to restore health!
  • Multi-message viewing is now super simple. I also added kill and lifetime counters to the death screen.
  • Fixed scoring a bit
  • The speed stat is now quite useful, affecting both hit and dodge rates. Luck also improves these, albeit less that speed.
  • I added a bunch of new messages, now that I can show more than one per turn.

Tomorrow will hopefully feature:
  • The rest of the game's content, and an ending of some sort!
  • (Probably) a few balance tweaks.
  • A Windows version.
  • Some extra polish.

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